MM House

Warsaw, Poland
area: 210 m2
project: 2003
completion: 2003 – 2005
architects: Kuba Woźniczka, Anna Panek
photo: Aleksander Rutkowski

The house is situated on small narrow plot on the northern outskirts of Warsaw, It`s final shape results directly from basic demands of clients and site conditions, Architects proposed long block situated along longer side of the plot and added an extension at the end of the house where living room is situated. The entrance façade is closed, `bunker like` and inaccessible, it has small narrow windows.
The garden façade is completely dissimilar – it has big glass façade and wooden structure in terrace and balcony zone (“in between zone”). Such an arrangement of two extremely different – opposite elevations and arrangement of internal space creates a few zones inside the house with the different levels of illuminance.