introverted puzzle

The Loophouse

Wroclaw, Poland
area: 360 m2
project: 2007
architects: Kuba Wozniczka, Rafal Specylak
collaboration : Marek Wozniczka

The site for the house is located in the suburban area. Clients wanted to have house with large terrace but shielded from the west winds. The terrace had to be also roofed. On the first floor they wanted two strictly separated zones for adults and kids. The final shape of the house has been created as the result of the superimposition of two L-shaped solids in the way that allows to fulfill all of the client`s demands. The column sustaining the 1st floor L-shaped block is also an axis for the revolving semi-transparent box made of polycarbonate. This box allows to control the level of privacy on the terrace and in the living zone since these areas are open towards the street.