how to be visible and invisible at the same time ?


Wroclaw, Poland area: 230 m2 project: 2011 / 2013 architects: Kuba Woźniczka, Rafał Specylak collaboration:  Łukasz Kubiak, Grzegorz Oleniecki, Maciej Popławski, Sylwian Moska AUDIENCE AWARD AT THE “AKCJA – KREACJA” COMPETITION

“Akcja – Kreacja” (eng: Action – Creation) is the one day event where organizers (Museum of Architecture Wroclaw) invite a few young architectural practices and ask them for responding on the problem which is unveiled at the start of the event. This time the task was to design some new elements at the front of the Museum of Architecture to make it more noticeable since it is not well known place by the people from Wroclaw and tourists.